Treatment Options

Stereotactic radiation may be delivered by a number of different devices; brand name stereotactic treatment machines you may hear mentioned include: Accuray CyberKnife and Accuray TomoTherapy, Elekta Versa HD, Elekta Gamma Knife, Novalis Tx, Proton Particle Therapy, Varian Edge, Varian Trilogy and Varian TruBeam STX and Viewray.

How Are These Treatments Alike?

  • Use multiple narrow radiation beams.
  • Target small, well-defined areas with precision.
  • Use immobilization devices or techniques that limit monitor and adjust for any movement during treatment.
  • Give high doses of radiation safely and accurately over just a few treatments (usually one to five sessions overall).

How Are These Treatments Different?

  • Different capabilities: Some stereotactic systems can treat only tumors in the head, others in the head and neck, and others anywhere in the body.
  • Different schedules: Some stereotactic treatments may be best given in a single session, others may be given in a few treatments over several days.
  • Different ways to achieve accuracy: Different systems use different ways to keep patients in the correct position. Some use customized holders that keep the patient immobile, and others have the machine track any movement of the patient.